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Why You Must List?

You have taken a positive step to arrive at this page.  Go ahead to list your requirements, it is FREE! What is more you have instantly engaged a registered real estate agent, that is  us at D-CHOICE PROPERTIES, to seek your requirements; and the best part is that you decide now to pay or not to pay us for fulfilling your requirement.

Why Should You Pay?

If you as buyer or tenant pay the an agency fee to us to seek a property for you, then we look after your interest.  We ensure you get the home of your dream at best bargains.  It is actually wise to pay an agent when renting or buying a property especially when market favor the sellers.

What To Do Now?

Fill In The Simple Form on your left.  Make sure the info furnished is accurate and correct. Make sure you provide us the correct contacts.

Who Can List?

Basically, Only Any One Who Want To Rent Or Buy Properties Located In Malaysia Are Most Welcome To List. 

Our Rights

Naturally, priority is given to those buying or renting at market value and we act for the interest of buyer or tenant who are paying our commission.

Our Marketing Policy

Our marketing policy is "WIN WIN" & Honesty to Owners, Buyers, Tenants and to Ourselves.

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To be "The Dependable Choice Registered Real Estate Agent

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