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Kuala Lumpur Tower / Menara Kuala Lumpur

Menara KL Logo

Total Height 421 m (1403 ft)
Observatory Level 276 m (920 ft)
Architects Kumpulan Senireka
Total Weight 100,000 tonnes
Completion Date May, 1996
Opening Date July 23rd, 1996
Launch Date October 1st, 1996

Where You Will See Kuala Lumpur In An Instant

Ever wanted to see the whole of Kuala Lumpur an instant? More than just a sight to remember, Menara Kuala Lumpur is poised to be Malaysia's top tourist destination providing both local and foreign tourists with a breathtaking and picturesque view of Kuala Lumpur from a towering height of 276m. Keeping the consumers in mind, Menara KL has developed an exciting program where people get to dine, shop as well as have a bird's eye view of the CITY OF LIGHTS all in one tower. At Menara KL, visitors will also find a theatrette, an amphitheatre, beautiful cascading pools, a fast food restaurant and souvenir shops. A trip to Kuala Lumpur will simply not be complete without a visit to Menara Kuala Lumpur! ("Menara" is the Bahasa Malaysia word for "Tower")

One of the most ambitious, mammoth projects ever undertaken in Malaysia, standing statuesque in all its architectural perfections is Menara Kuala Lumpur. A highly innovative combination of retail, leisure, entertainment and most of all a hi-tech center for telecommunications. Completed in May, 1996 and acting as the country's main telecommunications and multimedia broadcasting tower, Menara Kuala Lumpur - or KL Tower - is perched atop Bukit Nanas and rises to a height of 421m (1403 ft); a highly visible and prestigious landmark . Bukit Nanas itself, where the tower is built, is 94 meters above sea level. Located in the heart of the Golden Triangle at the epicenter of Kuala Lumpur's business and entertainment district, you can reach the Tower from Jalan Sultan Ismail to Jalan P. Ramlee via Jalan Punchak with parking provided for up to 184 vehicles (MAP, Aerial View). Menara KL was officially launched by YAB Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, on October 1st, 1996.

It stands majestically among the clouds as the tallest structure in South-East Asia, the tallest single standing concrete structure in the world and fourth tallest communication tower in the world (behind the CN Tower - 553m - in Toronto, the Ostankino Tower - 537m - in Moscow, and the Shanghai Tower - 450m - in Shanghai).

The Tower's architecture reflects the country's Islamic heritage with the construction detailing Arabic Scripts, Islamic tiles, classic Islamic floral and abstract motifs and soothing color combinations. The KL Tower has been designed to achieve an overall glass arranged in the traditional Islamic form of the "Muqarnas". As the Muqarnas pattern recurs in the Tower Shaft design, the architectural design of the Tower Head and the roof of the Base Buildings, the whole appearance will become one harmonious entity reflecting the revival of the Islamic architectural heritage. The design of the decorative glass windows at the top of the tower is based on the Muqarnas decoration of the Shah Mosque in Isfahan, Iran. Muqarnas was constructed in the arrangement of glasses on the domes of the lobby entrance to illustrate the 7 layers of the sky with sun rays shining from the middle. The designs also represent the human journey for perfection in life. With its unique architectural heritage, Menara KL has become a prime tourist attraction in the capital city.

The natural surroundings of Bukit Nanas were cared for during the construction of Menara Kuala Lumpur to ensure balance in development and conservation of the environment. In this effort, a 100-year-old Jelutong tree (Dyera Costulata) was preserved by building a retaining wall around the tree at the cost of RM430,000.

Menara Kuala Lumpur Sdn. Bhd (188533-A),
Jalan Punchak, Off Jalan P. Ramlee,
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : + (603) 208 5448
Fax : + (603) 204 2609

MONDAY - FRIDAY = 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
SATURDAY, SUNDAY & PUBLIC HOLIDAYS = 9:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
ENTRACE FEE = RM 8.00 (US$2) adult and RM 3.00 (US$.75) children (4-12)
FREE = children ages 3 and below


The structure consists of five basic sections i.e. the Foundation Base, Touristic Building, the Tower Shaft, the Tower Head and Antenna Mast.

The Foundation Base comprises a 3 level basement for safety needs, storage and maintenance work. The lower ground floor houses the control/maintenance room, a cafeteria for staff, and a water reservoir for fire fighting and domestic supply. The maximum diameter of the Base is 54 meters.

At the upper ground floor, the two-level touristic area is linked to the 146-metres long pedestrian mall which adjoins the main entrance featuring a cascading reflective pool in its centre. The space at the ground level houses mainly the switch-room, kitchen for the revolving restaurant and administration office for Menara Kuala Lumpur Sdn. Bhd. The main public area and entrance is at the upper ground level. At this level there are 9 shoplots, a fast food restaurant, a mini-theatre (47 seats; shows a documentary on the construction of the tower every 15 minutes) and an open-air amphitheatre (222 seats), surau (prayer room), public toilet and office space for MKLSB. The upper ground level is also accessible through the Escalator from the ground level.

The Tower Shaft comprises 22 levels, with 4 elevators and 2058 flight of staris. The circular concrete Tower Shaft is designed with vertical ribs on the external surface, fanning out into decorative painted aluminum Islamic pattern at the soffit of the Tower Head. Along the Tower Shaft are twenty-two (22) platforms providing access to the lift lobby for maintenance and rescue purposes. Rooms for the cellular phone radio base station are allocated at level T02 (30m above the ground level). The Tower Shaft is 24.5 m at its widest and narrows to 13.6m near the top. The thickness of shaft walls goes from 1.4 m to 0.6 m.

The entire 6-level tower head is clad in glass (double-glazed with gas infilled) arranged in the traditional Islamic form of the "muqarnas". Four high speed lifts (capacity = 800 people per hour) will zoom you up the KL Tower to the Observation Platform in 60 seconds where a breathtaking 360 view of the city by day and by night awaits. Visitors will find an observation platform on the first level and a revolving restaurant on the second level. The Tower Head has a total area of 7,700 sq meters and is 50 m diameter-wide at its widest point. Note: It's 2,058 steps from the Base to the Tower Head! The Tower Head also houses the telecommunication and broadcasting stations.

The Restoran Berputar Seri Angkasa (revolving restaurant; capacity = 250), located at Level Two of the Tower Head, serves international and local cuisine 'above the clouds'. At a height of 282 meters above ground level, this 9,172 square feet restaurant offers not only a revolving dining area, but also music area and lounge. The restaurant is open daily from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm for lunch and 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm for dinner. A la carte menus are available for lunch and dinner. A la carte menus are available for lunch and dinner, which are priced at RM50++ for lunch and RM70++ for dinner on weekdays. High tea buffet is also available everyday from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm.

Other attractions at the Tower include the world's highest McDonalds and the Tower Burger! The last section of Menara Kuala Lumpur is an 86 meters long telecommunication and broadcasting antenna mast which also includes RTM's antenna serial for UHF, VHF and FM band at the last 12 m of the antenna mast.


Menara KL Menara KL

Menara Kuala Lumpur Sdn. Bhd (MKLSB) is the company which has been awarded a concession by the Government of Malaysia to plan, design, build, operate and manage a telecommunication, radio and broadcasting as well as a touristic tower named Menara Kuala Lumpur. The concession granted by the Government of Malaysia to MKLSB to undertake the Tower Project is for a period of 15 years. It is a privatisation project of the Government of Malaysia under the build, operate and transfer (BOT) concept. MKLSB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia Berhad.

Menara KL @ World Federation of Great Towers

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