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Property For Sale Or To Let In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Listing A Property For Sale With D-Choice Properties

Complete this form only if 1) you are listing a property for sale  2) if you are willing to appoint D-Choice Properties as marketing agent 3) you have authority to sell the property you are listing.

1a How much is the property (hereafter refer to as "the said property") you are listing for sale? MYR: *
Example 2,000 per mth / 200,000 / 2M / 3.50 psf.
1b If you have have photos/images of the the property , type in the url address where these images can be found. Warning: !! Any irrelevant images will be removed immediately. Have not host your images yet? Click Here to upload images.
2 Is said the property currently tenanted? *
3 What is the address of the said property?  
3a Unit/lot no. *
3b Jalan/road name *
3c Taman/mukim/condo *
3d Town, states *
3e Post code
4a What property type can the said property be classified? *
4b The title of the said property include how many storey or which floor? *
Example 1-sty, 2.5-sty, d/s, grd. flr, 1st & 2nd flr.
If listing land just space blank.
5a Is there any consent require to transfer title ownership? *
5b Transferable to Bumi only?
5c What is the category of the title of the said property? *
6a What is the tenure of the said property? *
6b If leasehold, what year expire?
Example 2080.
7a What is the land size of the said property? * *
Space blank where not applicable or select "Not applicable"
7b What is the built-up of the said property? *  *
If your requirement is land just space blank or space blank where not applicable or select "Not Applicable".
8a Any furnishings & fittings?
You can describe briefly the available fittings and furniture at 9b.
Select "Not Applicable" if  listing  land.
8b How many rooms/baths/utility rooms? *rooms *baths
utility rooms (such as study/store)
Space blank if listing a land or space blank where not applicable.
9a Any confidential matters that can help to market the said property that you only want us to know?
9b Any more facts that can help to market the said property that you want the world to know?
10a Do you have full authority to sell the said property?
Persons consider as having full authority to sell a property are registered owners, trustees or holding a power of attorney or appointed company's representative

If you answer "No", you are not able to submit this form.  If you answer "Yes" and we find out later that you have no authority to let then you have to accept full responsibilities for all fee including incidental charges incurred by D-Choice Properties for marketing the said property.

10b Under what capacity are you authorize to sell the said property? *
11 May we know at least one of the registered owner's full name and contacts?  
11a Registered owner's full name *
Example Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss Yap Chon Pin
11b IC/Passport no./Company Reg. *
11c Address
11d Phone 1 no *
11e Phone 2 no
11f Phone 3 no
11g Fax no
11h Email address *
12 Do you have a representative for us to contact? If "yes", please provide representative  name and phone contacts.  
12a Name
12b Phone:
13a Do you agree to appoint D-Choice Properties E(3)0914 as the registered estate agent to market the said property?

You cannot submit if you answer "No".  You should not have come this far as from the beginning we have highlighted that you need to appoint us as agent.

13b You are appointing D-Choice Properties as exclusive or non exclusive agent? *
Why appoint D-Choice properties as exclusive agent?
13c Do you agree to pay D-Choice Properties the allowable estate agency fee specify by the Board Of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents?

Please note a 25% discount from the allowable estate agent fee will be given for all property on sale except for property on sale with value below MYR100,000.

**Submission reference no., date & time is automatically generated

* compulsory fields must be completed, otherwise, your listing will be rejected!

Dear Valued Customer,

Why You Must List?

You have taken a positive step to arrive at this page. Go ahead to list your properties. The moment you click "Submit" button, Your Property Is INSTANTLY MARKETED. Know why? Our property search engine is at top 10 ranking through important key words search in Yahoo!, Google, Atlanta Vista, etc. We also advertise our website offline and online both locally and worldwide. Just imagine it is FREE! Never TRY Never GAIN! What is more you have instantly engaged a registered real estate agent, that is us at D-CHOICE PROPERTIES,  to market your property; and the best part is that you don't need to pay us until we have your property sold. No gimmicks, no catches, no string attached, just you be the GENTLEMAN or LADY of yourself to pay us when work is done!

What To Do Now?

Fill In The Simple Form on your left. Make sure the info furnished is accurate and correct.  Make sure you provide us the correct property address and your contacts.

Who Can List?

Basically, only owners with property located in Malaysia that is for sale, then you are most welcome to list using the form on your left. However, if you have a property located outside Malaysia and you think anyone residing in Malaysia may buy your property, by all means take advantage to list here too - we will liaise with you for any enquiries.

Our Rights

Naturally, priority is given to those properties selling at market value.  We prefer to work with cooperative owners who are willing to appoint us exclusively or solely and allow us to place a signboard at the premise - the reasoning Your Commitment Guarantees Our Commitment.

Our Marketing Policy

Our marketing policy is "WIN WIN" & Honesty to Owners, Buyers, and to Ourselves.

Our Believe

Every Property Can Be Sold.  It is simply the the right pricing and timing to get a match. What we can do is to reach out as wide an exposure as possible for your property to the right audience.

Our Company's mission

To be "The Dependable Choice Registered Real Estate Agent

See You

Best Regards,

Vincent Yeo

(In This Business Since Oct, 1994)




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